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For many years, we have been pioneers in modern ventilation and heat recovery solutions on the Polish market, and our actions are based on building lasting relationships with customers and installers.

We are committed to continuous development and expanding our range of products to meet your needs.Take care of air quality. Together with us, take care of air quality and choose the best solutions for your home.e.


Our PEFLEX team has been operating for 14 years now, during that time we have developed a comprehensive and modern ventilation system consisting of nearly 2000 products. Thanks to this, as well as our experience and knowledge, we offer high-quality products and professional support for specialists in the ventilation industry. We are proud to collaborate with over four thousand installers across Poland, and our PEFLEX mechanical ventilation system is the most popular on the market. Not only do we provide products, but we also strive to raise public awareness about the importance of ventilation for health, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. We conduct training sessions and workshops for construction companies to help improve their skills and enhance the quality of ventilation installations across the country.



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We have been working with installers from the very beginning!

Our products are designed with installers in mind, and their work is extremely important to us. That’s why we offer you technical and design support, carry out custom orders and develop our sales portal for you. Our commitment to working with installers means that we accompany you every step of the way ensuring that your work is as efficient as possible.

What distinguishes us?

We introduce innovations that become the standard

We set the market standards by introducing the most advanced solutions first, such as antibacterial ducts.

Service speed

With us you will buy a complete system from a single manufacturer. Your delivery will arrive the next day.

From design to service consultation, we support at every stage

We offer support at every stage – from design and material selection to helping find an installer or providing advice for DIY installation.

Comprehensive implementation

We provide comprehensive support throughout the installation process – from designing the system to delivering the complete set of materials with the recuperator.

Always in touch!

Do you have questions, comments or would like to share your feedback? We are open to suggestions and new ideas. Feel free to reach out to us, leave a comment on our social media channels, or join our forum.

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