Insulated Ducts

High-quality flexible PEFLEX Premium insulated ventilation ducts for mechanical ventilation and recuperation systems. They are primarily used to connect the recuperator with distribution boxes.


Innovative duct insulation made of polyester fiber enhances the ease of installation and has high resistance to moisture. A significant advantage of flexible ducts is their acoustic properties achieved through a perforated inner layer, which can also have antibacterial properties.

and elastic

Sound-absorbing properties


Insulated with polyester fiber

various duct sizes

Different thickness of insulation

Insulated duct

Insulated duct with antibacterial coating

With greater resistance to moisture!

Flexible and durable insulated ducts
to connect the recuperator!

The use of PEFLEX PREMIUM flexible ducts allows for easier execution of approaches and connecting therecuperator to the ventilation system. Their excellent acoustic properties significantly reduce the noise generated by the heat recovery unit, increasing the overall comfort of the ventilation system in the home.

Non-woven polyester

Dust-free, safe insulation

The use of nonwoven polyester fabric as insulation for ventilation ducts introduces a new quality to this type of product and brings many benefits.


First of all, this insulation does not bite or dust during installation, which increases comfort and safety of work. Additionally, since there is no risk of wool particles entering the ventilation ducts, the entire system remains free from contamination


Polyester fiber insulation is also more resistant to moisture and water than traditional mineral wool, while maintaining a comparable thermal conductivity coefficient.

Antibacterial coating

Double innovation on the market!

PEFLEX Premium ducts are not only an innovative insulation but also an antibacterial version, distinguished by a special green inner layer with properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria.

This carefully developed coating provides an extremely high level of hygiene in ventilation systems and is dedicated to the most demanding customers. As a result, anti-bacterial ducting is a guarantee of clean and safe indoor air.

Additional vapor barrier

Protects against moisture penetration

An additional vapor barrier layer between the insulation layer and the perforated inner layer of the duct is a feature that distinguishes well-made flexible ventilation ducts from those of poor quality. 


This barrier protects the insulation from moisture penetration and flooding of the insulation, which could significantly degrade its vapor barrier properties. In PEFLEX Premium ducts, this layer is made of thick foil with specially increased durability.


High level of noise reduction

Thanks to the use of microperforations in the inner layer, PEFLEX Premium ducts act as ventilation dampers, effectively reducing noise. As a result, connecting the recuperator to these ducts is hassle-free and does not require additional silencers, making them an excellent alternative to other solutions.

The use of PEFLEX Premium ducting makes it possible to make a quiet recuperation installation, which has a positive effect on the comfort of users of the entire ventilation system.

Durable casing

Outer casing covered with polyester film

PEFLEX Premium ventilation duct is equipped with a durable outer layer that effectively protects the entire duct from damage and provides insulation protection against moisture caused by water vapor from the external air.


The production of flexible ducts involves the use of a high-quality, durable outer jacket, which consists of aluminum foil additionally coated with a polyester film.


This innovative material not only ensures maximum protection against damages but also provides durability for many years and resistance to corrosion. This translates into reliable and safe operation of the ventilation system.

Simple and quick installation

Time and cost savings

Connecting the recuperator using flexible ducts is the fastest and easiest solution. Thanks to the ready-made insulation and exceptional flexibility of the ducts, installation is quick and easy

Simply stretch and shape the duct according to requirements. There is no need for additional insulation or the use of other installation elements, saving time and costs.

This streamlined process of stretching and shaping the duct according to specific requirements eliminates the need for additional insulation or the use of other installation elements, resulting in time and cost savings.

The use of high-quality raw materials for the production of PEFLEX Premium insulated ducts guarantees not only excellent quality and durability, but also the safety and convenience of installation.


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